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Timeless Arabic Architecture with Modern Luxury

Al Oyoun Village is a luxurious and traditional residential community located in the outskirts of Al-Ain. The Village has the vibrant atmosphere for timeless Arabic architecture, with attractive designs and extensive landscaping.

General Enquiries,
Services & Maintenance
  • Sustainability and Advisory Services

    As an integrated Services Solutions Provider, Khidmah is working on a number of vital environmentally friendly initiatives ...

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  • 24x7 Customer Call Centre

    Our 24/7, multilingual Customer Call Centre is the back-bone for all our Services, manned by our dedicated Customer Care team around the clock...

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  • Khadamati Services

    Khadamati services were launched to fulfil the needs of today's busy homeowners and residents and provide them with precious gifts...

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  • Pest Management Services

    Khidmah provides licensed Pest Control Services using Integrated Pest Management Principles with the latest equipment and methods available in the market.

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  • Landscaping Services

    Khidmah’s Landscaping provisions include maintenance of Irrigation Systems, Water Features, Timber Decks, Turf Grass...

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  • Cleaning Services

    Khidmah’s high end Cleaning Services for residential, commercial and retail developments include Housekeeping...

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  • Comprehensive Maintenance Services

    Khidmah’s Comprehensive Maintenance Services include a directly employed, highly skilled workforce dedicated...

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  • Health Club and Lifeguard Services

    Khidmah’s Health Club & Lifeguard Service is provided by professional trainers and a highly qualified and customer oriented Club Management Team.

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  • Property Sales and Leasing

    Through our dedicated team of professionals, Khidmah provides comprehensive Sales and Leasing Services.

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  • Property and OA/Strata Management Services

    The Property and Strata department provides Clients with a comprehensive range of Services for all commercial, retail and residential properties.

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  • Handover and DLP Management Services

    Khidmah has a dedicated and experienced team for the efficient management of Handover and DLP Services...

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  • Consultancy and Advisory Services

    Khidmah’s Services Management approach includes Consulting, Property Handover, Property & Strata Management...

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