Corporate Social Responsibility

As a responsible corporate citizen, Khidmah L.L.C is committed to act consciously and admirably to protect the environment and safeguard the well-being of its Customers, employees and the society at large. We are very proud to say that we have so far conducted number of CSR activities by making a positive and sustainable difference in the local community.

As a regular supporter of Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) the UAE’s leading environmental organisation, Khidmah lent its support to the 9th Clean Up UAE campaign, by arranging a Clean Up activities at Western Region schools of Abu Dhabi. This particular act reflects the company’s own ambition of “Achieving Clean and Healthy environment”. Khidmah made a pledge to sow 1,000 plants and trees across its residential communities if 50% or more of our residents participate in Earth Hour by turning off their lights.

Khidmah is also participating with almost all of its clients and performing the Earth Hour activity in its managed properties including, Clubhouse & Mosque at Villa Communities, Mosques in Western Region and Commercial & Governments Buildings of its prestigious clients in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

It’s interesting to know that, we have saved overall of 6,703.801 KWH in various Khidmah properties and communities during the Earth Hour 2014 after switching off the lights, which is equal to 290.26% increase comparing to the previous year’s statistics (1,717.691 KWH) in the same communities.

In 2014, Khidmah opted to share the earth Hour event with the children of the Future Centre for Special Needs, an institution dedicated to provide education and rehabilitation for children with special needs. The initiative which included Art activities and Plantation in the centre’s premises in Mohamed Bin Zayed City in Abu Dhabi, was meant to involve the kids in the world’s largest voluntary action for the environment by teaching them “eco-friendly” practices such as switching off the lights, and making them active contributors in saving energy to protect the environment.

Khidmah is now offering courses like Heart Saver First Aid CPR “AED” to clients, in collaboration with Safety First Medical Services, an International Training Centre that is accredited by American Heart Association (AHA). The program includes both primary and secondary care for patients with a mixture of theories and practical exercises meant to educate participants on the skills required in dealing, not only with first aid response, but also in how to deal with emergency response scenes. Our training courses involve also infant first aid given to parents and nannies. Since 2012, Khidmah has expanded the companies’ first aid training beyond lifeguards to include training for professional staff, technicians and residents in various developments, throughout the UAE. Until date, our team has trained more than 300 of Khidmah’s staff and over 20 of residents and non-residents, which including nannies and parents in our managed communities. We are still continuing with the training of our newly joined employees and providing certifications accordingly.

As a socially responsible company, we are keen on undertaking initiatives that strive to make meaningful contributions to strengthening the socio-economic welfare, environmental sustainability and wellness of our people and society at whole.