HSQE and Sustainability

The Quality management philosophy of Khidmah is based on the pillars – Leadership and Management Commitment, Customer Focus, Quality Costs, Quality Systems, supplier relationships and Continual Improvement – which rests on the foundation of Total Employee Involvement, Daily Management and Techno-human dynamical innovations. Khidmah enjoys the confidence of its customers earned by consistent quality, on-time delivery, highly customized property and facility management solutions ensured by a team of dedicated personnel. Khidmah also adopts and complies with global and International standards and partners with regulatory authorities in developing policies and codes of practices related to the Property and Facility management industry particularly in the UAE & across the globe.

Total Employee Involvement:

The Total Employee Involvement program ensures that responsibility for the company’s performance is the shared responsibility of employees at all levels. It provides the employees with the opportunity to be involved in breakthrough activities and other improvements, over and above their daily routine.

Daily work management:

Daily work management consists of using innovative software tools like MAXIMO for reporting and monitoring key processes, ensuring that Khidmah meets set targets SLA and KPIs, detecting abnormalities and preventing their recurrence. Khidmah encourages continual improvement in all aspects of work, using Cross Functional Teams, Supervisory Improvement Teams, Top management strategic workshops and suggestion schemes.

Techno human dynamical innovations

Khidmah adopts a strategic business process approach, with a view to optimize costs, cycle time and consider critical inputs to ensure the quality of our services. The company encourages techno-human dynamical innovations in line and beyond customer requirements are reviewed periodically.

The company conducts an exhaustive range of training programs, utilising both in-house skills and consultants from all over the world. The programs are conducted for all employees, at all levels across the year.

Khidmah employees are committed to add value to our customer’s operations by providing quality services through adoption of good management practices in the entire supply chain.

Customer satisfaction levels are enhanced by:

  • Partnering with customers as well as service providers
  • Understanding and responding to customer’s needs and expectations
  • Furthering customer relationship practices.
  • Continually improving our internal processes as well as end-to-end supply chain processes
  • Partaking continual improvement projects and initiatives in reducing waste
  • Proactively engaging with the customer to providing cost effective value added services
  • Anticipating the problem and prevent occurrence
  • Involving other stakeholders including customers in their decision areas
  • Continually improving processes to meet customer deliverables, examine and understand customer requirements and get feedback in meeting those requirements
  • Consistently fulfilling what is promised to the customer
  • Closing all issues within agreed time lines and at the same time ensure strict adherence to norms
  • Leading by example, in a transparent manner
  • Ensuring improved service delivery and Quality as agreed in SLAs and KPIs