Aldar launches Provis to disrupt estate management solutions in the UAE

Realigns Khidmah strategy to focus on facilities management and home maintenance

Abu Dhabi - UAE, February 24th, 2019 – Aldar Properties, as part of its vision to deliver desirable destinations, is proud to announce the launch of Provis – a new entity to deliver market leading, innovative estate management solutions to clients across the UAE.

Provis’ services will include property consultancy and management, owners’ association management, sales & leasing, and clubhouse and lifestyle management services.

Commenting on the launch of Provis, Jassem Saleh Busaibe, Chairman of Provis & Chief Investment Officer of Aldar Properties said:

“Putting the customer at the centre of what we do is our top priority and we are excited to announce the launch of Provis to drive innovation in estate management in the UAE. Customer expectations have never been higher and Provis brings a keen understanding of the market, and unrivalled expertise to deliver on these expectations. Properties that were previously managed by Khidmah and Aldar’s asset management teams will now be taken care of by Provis. This creates a much more streamlined and efficient service for all of our customers – particularly as we roll out the integration of more technology to enhance the customer journey and experience.”

Provis’s services will be available at customer facing centers in communities such as Al Bandar, Al Muneera, Al Zeina, Al Hadeel, Gate and Arc Towers, Sun and Sky Towers, Al Ghadeer, Sas Al Nakhl, Al Raha Gardens, Golf Gardens, Hydra, Awqaf, Al Gurm, Khalidya Village, and Golf Gardens.

Provis will apply innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology to add tangible value to properties at every stage of the property lifecycle. With over 13,500 units under property management, over 14,000 units under owners’ association management, and thousands of properties sold and leased across the country, Provis will deliver a one-stop-shop estate management offering.

Following the launch of Provis, Aldar has undertaken a strategic realignment of its 100% owned subsidiary, Khidmah, which will now focus on providing facilities management and home maintenance solutions to clients of all sizes in the UAE and the region across different sectors including residential, commercial, retail, government, education, hospitality and healthcare.

Sameer Barakat, Executive Director of Provis added “Adding value to our clients has always been a priority we live by. Enabling Provis and Khidmah to become more specialized in their offerings will make us more competitive, more responsive and better poised for future growth. This has driven the decision to realign Khidmah’s strategy, and also its brand in line with our commitment to customer service, efficiency and long-term asset value.”

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