Khidmah & Future Rehabilitation Centre Strengthen Partnership

Abu Dhabi, 19 July 2022 – Khidmah, one of the region’s leading facilities management and maintenance companies, reaffirmed its partnership with the Future Rehabilitation Centre (FRC) by contributing educational and classroom requirements coupled with entertainment materials that will aid in developing children's locomotor and sensory skills. Khidmah also welcomed four people of determination to its team to assume fulltime roles across the company’s various departments, including several employees who had interned with Khidmah recently.

Abdellatif Sfaxi, CEO at Khidmah, said, “Khidmah believes that everyone should be given an equal chance to succeed. Our ongoing support for the Future Rehabilitation Centre demonstrates our steadfast commitment to empowering people of determination and providing them with the tools and resources required to help them reach their full potential and integrate effectively within the wider business community.”

“This step clearly demonstrates our alignment with the UAE’s national policy to empower People of Determination, which aims to create an inclusive society that provides a decent life for the determined ones and their families. We will continue to offer impactful training, full-time employment, and internship opportunities that enable them to enhance their contribution to the country’s development.” Sfaxi added.

The recent collaboration between Khidmah and the Future Rehabilitation Centre builds on an MoU signed in 2019 to support people of determination and provide on-the-job training by expert mentors and ensure they are equipped with the right tools and skills to enter the job market. At the time of the MoU, Khidmah started to welcome people of determination to train across various soft and hard Facilities Management practices at the company’s dedicated Khidmah Training Centre.

The Future Rehabilitation Centre aims to improve the lives of students with disability, enhance the quality of their lives and help them fulfil their ambitions. The Centre also provides special education and therapy-based programmes that address the unique needs of people of determination through individualized education plans.

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