Khidmah to Support Future Rehabilitation Centre Vocational Training Efforts

Abu Dhabi, 18th December 2019 - As part of the company’s commitment to include all members of the society in the workplace, Khidmah, one of the region’s leading Facilities Management companies, has pledged to support the Future Rehabilitation Centre’s vocational training and student work placement efforts. The announcement was made following a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by Jassem Saleh Busaibe, Chairman of Khidmah, and Mohammed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim, Chairman of the Future Rehabilitation Centre.

As part of the MoU, Khidmah will welcome People of Determination (POD) to one of its many nationwide divisions and offer on-the-job trainings, while assigning expert mentor guidance to students to ensure they are equipped with the right tools and skills to enter the job market.

Jassem Saleh Busaibe, Chairman of Khidmah, said: “Khidmah believes that providing the right tools and guidance are key to successfully integrating People of Determination into the professional world.  These gifted individuals have unique talents that are often overlooked, and we are confident that partnerships such as the one with the Future Rehabilitation Centre will have a long-term positive impact and make a real difference on the students’ lives.” 

Mohammed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim, Chairman of the Future Rehabilitation Centre said, “This MOU signing between the Future Rehabilitation Centre, School for People of Determination and Khidmah, signifies our shared commitment to provide our students with job training and future employment, which actually already began with the employment of one of our senior male students at Khidmah’s Marketing Department.  Incidentally, it is another milestone to celebrate our 20th anniversary.  Likewise, it is our shared contribution to the UAE’s Vision 2021 where equal opportunities for growth and development are made available to everyone.   I congratulate Khidmah for taking this confident step and I also wish success for the students who will benefit from this project”

HP Aengaar, Chief Executive Officer at Khidmah, stated: “At Khidmah, we believe that inclusion of all members of the society in the work environment is everyone’s responsibility. Thus, we’ve signed today’s MoU to provide vocational trainings to people of determination and enable them to benefit from our Work Placement Programme aimed at developing practical skills and preparing trainees for the job market.”

The Future Rehabilitation Centre, launched in 2000, aims to improve the lives of students with disability, enhance the quality of their lives and help them pursue their ambitions.

Khidmah has recently inaugurated a full-fledged Training Center that provides certified training courses around many disciplines that fall under the Facilities Management field and which include The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS) certification.

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